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Date and cams is my personal self advice blog and diary regarding my experience with online dating and cams.

Beginner's Guide to Live Cams & Online Dating

Beginner’s Guide to Live Cams and Dating


So you’ve been thinking about giving online dating a try for a while now, but you just haven’t had enough courage to do it.

You might be thinking to yourself that women won’t like your looks or your personality. Or maybe you’re thinking you’re just too shy and you don’t know how to entertain a conversation.

Whatever your reasons might be, I’m here to tell you don’t worry. Someone, somewhere out there has been through the same things as you have.

I was one of them too. I always imagined that women are looking for the perfect guy in online dating, but that was never the case. Women are just looking for someone to connect to, and if that someone turns out to be the perfect guy for them, then it’s all for the better.


The first step towards online dating and live webcamming is to actually find a service that will allow you to find people that match your preferences.

Depending on what you’re looking for, it might be complicated to find the right webcam site, because there are so many of them out there.

A lot of them are free, which is good, but the problem with free live cams is that they are meant to entertain and release sexual tension, not to find someone that you can talk to for a prolonged period of time and actually become friends with.

This is obviously a generalization, not all free cam sites are like that. Take for example this new site, although it’s free and you can watch other people without any major restrictions, you can also find woman or girls that are really outgoing and looking to meet new and interesting people.

We’re not talking about adult cam sites here, or at least not entirely. A lof ot the so called “adult cam sites” have non-adult section with women looking to find a friend or a new relationship.

Some of those sites are:

LiveJasmin: they have a Hot Flirt area when you can flirt with gorgeous girls from all over the world.


CamContacts: This service has been online for a long time, they have a non-adult cam section as well called Make Friends.


ImLive: Shy Girls is where you’ll find webcam girls that will not do any sexual shows, but that are looking for someone to have a conversation with or date.


The best things about live cams is that you don’t have to limit yourself at all with sites that have non-adult services.

You can literally try out all cam sites out there and if you find a cam girl that you’re into she will more than happily entertain a conversation with you and might also be willing to date in real live…you never know.


Good dating sites are easier to find than strictly cam sites and some of them even have the ability to video chat, even if it’s a paid extra most of the time.


OkCupid: This is probably the most famous one out there and probably for good reason.

It’s extremely fast and easy to use and it’s almost completely free. They have a mobile app as well, which is also very good.

You need to upload 6 photos of yourself and answer all kind of fun questions that are designed to help find your match.

The only downside to OKCupid from my point of view is that their matching algorithm isn’t the best out there.




Plenty Of Fish

Also known as POF has been around for ages. It has the advantage of being mostly free, with very little restricted services.

You can message and view profiles for free, which is also good and bad. Not having to pay is obviously nice, but the overwhelming number of messages women might receive makes it hard for them to filter the good ones out.


This is probably your best choice as a beginner into dating and cams. They have group meetings or hangouts to make it easier for new members to interact.

You have free access to photos, but you have to pay if you want to message any of the members.



5 + 7 Tips To Use When Watching Live Cams or Dating Online




  1. Always be honest. There’s just no reason to lie, women will eventually catch on. Honestly is extremely important if you’re looking for a long-term relationship.
  2. Whether is live webcams or online dating you’re trying out, try to say more than just “Hello” on your profile page. Try to sound as fluent and coherent as possible.
  3. Don’t post pictures of your biceps or from profile, make your eyes visible too.
  4. If you like a woman on any of the online dating sites, let her know. Remember, there’s no body language unless you both have a webcam.
  5. Don’t be too serious all the time, smile and be natural.
  6. Post recent photos. They have to be genuine, not on some good-looking guy you found online somewhere.
  7. Don’t limit your searches too much. Be as broad as possible to start with. Once you understand how everything works you can be more restrictive in your choices.
  8. Be cool, women love men that can make them laugh, but don’t act silly, especially on webcam chat sites.
  9. Don’t call her affectionate names from the start, wait until you actually get to know her better and actually start dating.
  10. Talk more about her rather than you, ask her questions about her life, her hobbies and her plans. Don’t brag!
  11. Don’t ask for more photos of her. She’ll think you’re either too much into her or that you don’t like her current photos enough.
  12. Get to know her before actually asking for a date.
  13. Always make the first move. Although there are exceptions, women like the guys to make the first move most of the times.
  14. Be casual in your conversation.